How SKIP Works



How SKIP works


  • Your child will be individually assessed and placed in a group that best suits their needs with four other children – small groups ensure that each child gets individual attention at each session.  The same group of children will meet weekly for one or two hours depending on age.


  • The parents / carers of very young children stay in the room for the duration of the session and are actively encouraged to participate with their children in the programme.


  • For the older children, the parents / carers stay in another room and watch the session on CCTV while they enjoy a coffee.



Class Structure One Hour Session


• Free Play – unstructured play to observe a child’s interests and how they interact with their peers


• Circle Time– incorporates speech & language skills, social skills, concentration & proprioception skills


• PE – full body movement through dance, games and sensory integration using swings, tunnels & ball skills


Two Hour Sessions – all of the above plus:


• Snack Time – works on fine motor skills, oral motor skills, sensory issues with food, social skills & eating as a group


• Arts & Crafts – table top work addressing tactile issues, completing a task and works on attention span


At the end of each session, the parents are given homework which consists of no more than three targets which will take no longer than twenty minutes of parental time.